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Knitted Mesh

     Knitted mesh is made by a circular knitting process which produces tubular sleeves of continues stocking, of inter-linked wire loops, the loops can move relative to each of other in the same plane without distortion giving knitted mesh a two way flexibility.

Knitted mesh with its unique structure of inter locking wire loops offers many advantages in various industrial application. Knitted mesh can be supplied in any metal that can be drawn into a wire strand and is supplied in a wide variety of forms including mesh rolls, rings, compressed elements, circular and rectangular pads.

Knitted mesh has many advantages because each loop acts as a small spring when subjected to tensile or compressive stress. Knitted mesh has an inherent resiliency and will regain its original shape when the stress is removed . Even when it is compressed into various shapes a high degree of resiliency is retained.

Knitted Mesh Materials commonly used:
Stainless steel (300-400 series) AISI; SUS; SS;
Galvanised wire;  
Tinned copper
Polypropylene  PP 

Knitted Mesh Wire Diameter

Mesh in normally knitted from wires ranging in diameter from wires ranging in diameter from 0.10mm to 0.36mm. The wires can be round or flat such as those used in cleaning and air filtration application where large surface areas of wire are needed. Wire diameter is perhaps the most important design variable as it affects the flow, dirt holding capacity, pressure drop and cost. Larger diameter wire generally allows for a higher flow but lower dirt holding capacity and is also less expensive. Hence as balance has to be struck using a higher density filter of higher cost fine wire or a lesser density filter using lower cost heavy wire.

Knitted Mesh Density

Density refers to the mass of material per unit volume. The common density (opening /inch) used is 60 as it provides the optimum balance between large openings for economy yet small enough openings to prevent bunching. Some commonly used densities are at 48,76,100 & 130.


Knitted Mesh Applications :

Air intake filters for auto motive, agricultural & marine engine.
Oil & Air breather elements
Oil - Bath separators
Catalytic converter mesh
Insulattion covers / blankets / jackets; insulator blankets;
Mufflers & Silencers pneumatic tools, Gasketing & Sealing
Cable jointing
Separators for liquid vapor used in petrochemical plants; demister; mist eliminator; 
Metal & plastic scourers & sponges.

knitted mesh  knitted mesh 
 knitted mesh  knitted mesh


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