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Black Wire Cloth
Black Wire Cloth
Material: low carbon steel wire
Weaving and characteristics: plain weaving or twill, can be pressed into a variety of filter film.
Application: Rubber industry, plastics industry, food industry, chemical industry filterNet Width: 0.914m-1.2m; length per roll 30m.


Mesh Wire diameter(bwg) Specification Net weight(kg)
18x18 0.45mm 3x100 50.8
20x20 0.35mm 3x100 34.1
22x22 0.30mm 3x100 27
24x24 0.33mm 3x100 36.4
26x26 0.33mm 3x100 39.4
28x28 0.30mm 3x100 35.1
30x30 0.30mm 3x100 37.6
32x32 0.20mm 3x100 17.8
34x34 0.22mm 3x100 22.9
36x36 0.22mm 3x100 24.2
38x38 0.22mm 3x100 25.6
40x40 0.20mm 3x100 22.3
42x42 0.17mm 3x100 16.9
44x44 0.17mm 3x100 17.7
46x46 0.17mm 3x100 18.5
48x48 0.17mm 3x100 19.3
50x50 0.17mm 3x100 20.1
56x56 0.17mm 3x100 22.5
60x60 0.17mm 3x100 24.2

Width can be produced according to customer demands.

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