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Gabion Basket / Gabion Box

Gabions Basket is woven metal angular Network (Hexagonal) basket.The metal wire used is based on the size of hexagonal different. If it is metal hexagonal wire coating, diametre of the metal mesh is from 2.0mm to 4.0mm, if it is PVC coated hexagonal wire mesh woven wire, the diameter is from 3.0mm to 4.5mm for the PVC (metal) wire. Edge of the line frame used is thicked than the 1st line.

The characteristics of our products:
(1) Economic, just a stone can be sealed into the cage;
(2) easy construction, no special techniques;
(3) have a very strong withstand natural damage and corrosion resistance and resistance to adverse weather impacts;
(4) can withstand a wide range of deformation, and does not collapse;
(5) between the stones is beneficial to plant production of sludge can be fused with the surrounding natural environment as a whole;
(6) has a good permeability, to prevent the hydrostatic damage.
Gabion Mesh use: Rivers and flood control and guidance; flood dam and diversion dam; rock avalanche protection; to prevent water erosion; bridge protection; solid soil structure; coastal defense works; port engineering; retaining wall; road defense. 

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