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Farm Fence
Statue Standard for farm fence:HQ/T 7137-2007
 Technical Details:Standard Size and customized
Farm fence is good at:
Novel Structure; strong and precise; flat netting; even mesh eyes; better integrity; high toughness; Non-shrink; anti-slide; pressure-resistant; wind and rain- proof.
Farm fence can be used over decades of years in bad weather, and better at anti-corrosion and oxidation resistance
Part mesh will not be loose while cut. So it is stable after installation, not snap at welded point and loose.
Till now our grassland fence is the first choice for desert & grassland environment protection and become brand-name fence in China ecology environment project.  
 Farm fence is mainly for pasturing area construction: grassland build; fixed-point graze and separate feeding. So it can improve grassland and graze utilization, in avoid of deterioration, to protect environment. In the meantime, the fence can be used for family-owned ranch/farm with peasant and herdsman.
New product is featured at tension curves, which can be made by machine, like a wave D.12mm X W.40mm. The tension curves can reduce “expand with hear and contract with cold” in evident winter & summer season area. On the other hand, it can increase buffering power while met a dash by prey.

 Ranch Fence (Grassland Fence)  Ranch Fence (Grassland Fence)  Ranch Fence (Grassland Fence)

Above is standard specification, special size can be obtained through phone

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