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Plastic Plain Mesh

Material: The HPDE (PE), PP (polypropylene).
Specifications: Aperture 0.1 to 10 cm.
Mesh width: 60 ~ 210 cm.
Length: open.
Weight: 100 ~ 1200 g / square meter.
Manufacturing and features: cold thermoplastic; with wear and corrosion resistance, toughness, etc., colors are black, white, blue, green, yellow and red.
Uses: mainly used in petroleum, chemical industry, aquaculture and other industries, also can be used in the production car back, Simmons mattress, air conditioner mesh, flame retardant net, subgrade net.

Plastic Mesh-1 Plastic Mesh-2
Plastic Mesh-3 Plastic Mesh-4
Plastic Mesh-5 Plastic Mesh-6
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