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Steel Grating

         Series 1 (pitch 30mm) steel grating is the most common type, its use are throughout the whole industry, The center distance of this series steel grating is 30mm, Which comply with U.S. standards,It has the strongest impact on the surface resistance in the whole series.It is widely used in power plants, refineries, sewage treatment plants, granaries, chemical plants, highways, airports and terminal platforms, walkways and drains cover, stair step and so on. Tooth steel grating can be used for wet, greasy areas, especially for offshore oil platforms.

        Series 2 (pitch 40mm) steel grating is the most economical and portable grating,which comply with the British Standard requirements of fixed platforms, walkways and stairs,This is the best product in small span, even if in the corridors of transport equipment.It also can be used for storage shelves, pavilion panels, trestle, protective fencing, sun screens and so on.

        Series 3 (pitch 60mm) grating is a special products for the development and application for the mining industry, It solves the problem of mineral splash down on the plate.This series grating has a nominal size of 50 * 60mm, allowing most of the splash expected to wear off, thus ensuring the board clean and safe.This product is often specified with the broken system board , transmission line corridors and the ball mill, processing plant and operating stations.


钢格板 钢格栅板
钢格板 钢格栅板 钢格板 钢格栅板
Steel Grating Specifications
Series Article vertical spacing  Bar spacing Load flat steel specification (width × thickness)
20×3 25×3 32×3 40×3 20×5 25×5
1 30 100 G203/30/100 G253/30/100 G323/30/100 G403/30/100 G205/30/100 G255/30/100
50 G203/30/50 G253/30/50 G323/30/50 G403/30/50 G205/30/50 G255/30/50
2 40 100 G203/40/100 G253/40/100 G323/40/100 G403/40/100 G205/40/100 G255/40/100
50 G203/40/50 G253/40/50 G323/40/50 G403/40/50 G205/40/50 G255/40/50
3 60 50 - G253/60/50 G253/60/50 G403/60/50 G205/60/50 G255/60/50
Series Article vertical spacing Bar spacing Load flat steel specification (width × thickness)
32×5 40×5 45×5 50×5 55×5 60×5
1 30 100 G325/30/100 G405/30/100 G455/30/100 G505/30/100 G555/30/100 G605/30/100
50 G325/30/50 G405/30/50 G455/30/50 G505/30/50 G555/30/50 G605/30/50
2 40 100 G325/40/100 G405/40/100 G455/40/100 G505/40/100 G555/40/100 G605/40/100
50 G325/40/50 G405/40/50 G455/40/50 G505/40/50 G555/40/50 G605/40/50
3 60 50 G325/60/50 G405/60/50 G455/60/50 G505/60/50 G555/60/50 G605/60/50
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